What You Need to Know About Umbrella Insurance

Is umbrella insurance something that you need? At Parker Preferred Insurance, we are happy to offer umbrella policies for those in the McKinney, TX area, but we understand that you may not know if umbrella insurance is right for your situation, or worth the cost. Our brief guide can help you decide!

The Purpose of Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance is designed to extend liability limits from other types of insurance – usually auto insurance and home insurance. This offers extra protection for potential lawsuits. That can be very important if you are sued for an amount that far exceeds the current limits on your auto or home insurance (for example, in Texas auto insurance requires a minimum of $20,000 injury liability for any individual).

Umbrella insurance can help cover such lawsuits so that you aren’t in danger of losing assets like your house or car.  

When Umbrella Insurance is a Good Idea

Umbrella insurance isn’t for everyone, but it can be very important in the right circumstances. If you have assets worth significantly more than your insurance, you may be at a higher risk for lawsuits and umbrella insurance may be a good idea. This is also true of public figures, those who engage in a lot of sports (including boating, surfing, etc.) or entertainment events, coaches, and those in a variety of other occupations. If you aren’t sure if you need umbrella insurance, talk to an insurance agent about

If you have any further questions, contact Parker Preferred Insurance, serving the McKinney, TX area, and we can discuss limits, costs, and what will work best for you!