Lesser Known, But Equally Important, Road Safety Tips

There are tips that just about every driver in McKinney, TX knows when it comes to driving safe: give yourself more time to brake on wet roads, practice regular auto maintenance, stay off your phone while driving. So we’re not going to go over those ones again. Instead, here are some tips you might not know:

  • Keep your car out of the side-view mirrors. You can minimize your blindspot by adjusting your side-view mirrors until no part of your car is visible in them. This gives you as wide a look at the road as possible.
  • Listen to the right music. Aggressive, fast-paced music has been shown to make people worse drivers in studies, being twice as likely to miss red lights. Listening to calmer music, or no music at all can make you a more attentive driver.
  • Keep your vision clear. You don’t want to decorate your car with a bunch of things dangling from the rearview mirror, you don’t need that many bobbleheads, and certainly none on the driver’s side. Even a simple beaded necklace dangling from the rearview mirror can be a big distraction.
  • Keep your headlights on. Not just when it’s dark, not just when it’s overcast. Headlights improve your car’s visibility from miles away, making it less likely that someone else will fail to spot you.
  • Always use the parking brake. Your brake uses a steel cable, which is more likely to rust without regular use, and you don’t want it to snap in two the first time you actually use it while parked on a hill.

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