The Importance of Having Enough Home Insurance

The main goal of buying insurance is to protect yourself against financial loss. You pay a small amount to an insurer, who then takes care of your burden on a large scale. With that in mind, home insurance protects your dwelling against damage. 

However, every homeowner has this concern— how much will the insurance cover in case of loss? In this article, Parker Preferred Insurance explains to the people of McKinney, TX, what it means to have enough home insurance coverage.

What Home Insurance Covers?

To determine if you have enough coverage for your home, you first need to understand what home insurance covers. 

Home insurance should cover your house and other structures in your home. Consider things like a garage, fence, and driveway. All these need protections.

You’ll also get personal property protection under home insurance. In this case, you’ll be protecting the contents of your home. These could include things such as jewelry and artwork. 

So when approaching your insurer, ask them about additional coverage for specific items you’d want to protect. 

When considering your coverage limit, you need to understand that insurance is meant for sudden and accidental occurrences. For instance, if your roof collapses due to old age, you might not qualify for protection.

Make sure you understand every aspect of home insurance to determine if you’re covered adequately. 

Important: If you run a home-based business, you need to know your home insurance limits. Home insurance won’t cover everything on your property. You need additional coverage to protect your business equipment. 

Finally, factor in building codes when purchasing home insurance. There could be new regulations that make it more expensive to repair or rebuild your home. Such concerns should be addressed in your policy.

Do You Have Enough Protection?

Your home is probably the most significant investment you’ve ever made. As such, protecting it is not optional. You need to go beyond the basic coverage. Purchase additional coverage to get your home the most protection.

Are you wondering how much protection is enough for your home in McKinney, TX? Parker Preferred Insurance is ready to help you. We’ve extensive knowledge of home insurance, and we’ll ensure you have enough coverage.

What You Can Expect if Home Insurance Lapses

Home insurance in McKinney, TX and surrounding areas is the number one way to protect your home from large scale damage. Although obtaining and maintaining a home owner’s insurance is relatively easy, there can be instances in which you find your insurance has lapsed. Here’s is what you can expect if this happens to you.

Why Would my Insurance Lapse?

Home owner’s insurance can lapse for a few reasons. The most common reason for this is a failure to pay premiums. When insurance premiums are not paid on time, the policy will lapse. This means that you will not have insurance coverage. Another reason a policy may lapse is that you fail to renew the policy in the allocated time frame. The last reason that a policy would lapse would be because of changes that have taken place to property that would have made the home too much of an insurance risk to cover.

What Can Happen if my Insurance with Parker Preferred Insurance Lapses?

The most critical consequence of a lapsed home owner’s insurance policy will be the lack of coverage to your home. If during this time your home sustains large scale damage due to fire, flood, or other disasters, the repairs for this will come out of your pocket. This could be financially devastating to you and your family. In the event of complete home loss, you would have no means of rebuilding or buying a new home for your family.

In the event that someone is injured on your property while you are uninsured, then you will be personally held legally responsible should that person sue you for their injuries.

How Can I Reinstate Lapsed Insurance?

Even if a policy lapses, a quick call to Parker Preferred Insurance serving McKinney, TX, and surrounding areas, can be the first step to getting your policy reinstated. Give us a call today to find out how we can help you.

5 Important Things You Didn’t Know About Home Insurance

Your home is not only your biggest investment but something you need to protect. Parker Preferred Insurance understands the importance of safeguarding Dallas, TX residents’ homes. Apart from providing coverage, we understand the importance of giving crucial information to customers. 

Here are five important things you probably didn’t know. 

Standard Home Insurance policies 

Most home insurance policies have four components, namely:

  • Structure coverage 
  • Personal property coverage 
  • Liability protection 
  • Additional expenses

Good Faith

Your insurance firm’s agents should always treat you in "good faith." Besides, the company should honestly communicate with you about the home. However, you should willingly provide all valid information requested. 

Verifiable Claims Process

You are not compelled to use the exact forms an insurer gave you to compile a contents list. The insurer can’t ask you to provide them with unrealistic proofs of loss. Besides, they should notify you on obtaining genuine claim-related documents whenever you need them.

Legitimate Investigation

Every home insurer should gather relevant information during a claims process. As a homeowner, you should cooperate with them when they give you reasonable requests. Also, you can request your insurer’s investigator to provide you with written questions. You are obliged to answer them in writing.

Extra Living Expenses

In case of a disaster rending your home uninhabitable, your home insurance provider may give you additional living expenses (ALE). Moreover, upon request, the insurer should give you a list of refundable ALE expenses. The ALE is paid upfront to help you settle after incurring a loss and on an "as incurred" arrangement when you submit document expenses and receipts.


An insurer can’t force you to hire a particular contractor to rebuild or repair your property. They should also inform a homeowner in writing that they can select any certified contractor or repair company. They should restore your property to the trade standards which Texas law allows.

If you reside in Dallas, TX or the surrounding areas, and you need home coverage, contact Parker Preferred Insurance.