What is Umbrella Insurance?

You know what health insurance, home owner’s insurance, and auto insurance cover. After all, it is right there in the name. However, umbrella insurance is a little less obvious.

Like the rainy day tool it is named for, an umbrella Insurance policy keeps all the areas excluded by other types of insurance under the coverage of protection. 

An umbrella cannot keep a rainstorm at bay, but it can make standing in one much less uncomfortable. In the state of Texas, an umbrella insurance policy will extend the coverage you have to cover the unexpected downpour. Parker Preferred Insurance offers umbrella insurance to the Dallas, TX area.

What does it cover?

There are three ways that an umbrella insurance policy can extend your protection. They include higher coverage limits, legal defense coverage, and additional coverage for otherwise uninsured events.

With higher coverage limits, the state minimum coverage for many types of policies may not be enough to pay your potential liability. An umbrella policy that offers higher limits to these types of coverage, you can reduce the amount with which you will need to come out of pocket.

As far as legal defense coverage is concerned, umbrella coverage can be the difference between winning a case and losing. If you are sued by another party, an umbrella policy might help pay your attorney fees.

Some items are not covered by other types of insurance policies. An umbrella policy may provide coverage for these types of unfortunate events. This includes things like:

  • invasion of privacy, slander
  • slander and libel
  • false arrest and malicious prosecution

Having the right coverage can keep you from getting soaked by an unexpected rainstorm. If you are looking for more information about umbrella policies or other insurance needs in the Dallas, TX area, give Parker Preferred Insurance a call at 972-987-6083 or stop by our offices today.