Motorcycle Winter Safety Tips

There’s nothing better than taking the motorcycle out on a hot, sunny day and feeling the breeze blow by as you cruise down an old back road. Once winter time comes around, though, it’s time to put the motorcycle up. You don’t want to ride when it’s cold, rainy, or snowy out. If you do, you’re more likely to be in an accident. If you have to get the motorcycle out during the winter time, there are certain safety tips you’ll need to follow. Here at Parker Preferred Insurance, we’ve put together a helpful go-to guide outlining two must-tips that will help ensure you are safe on the roads in McKinney, TX or anywhere in the DFW area.

Always Wear the Correct Gear

You’re going to need to layer up during the winter, particularly when the temperature is below freezing. You will, of course, want to wear long sleeves, a jacket, face mask, and jeans with long John’s under them. Ideally, though, since you will still sweat even in cold weather, you’ll want to make sure the layers you wear allow your skin to breathe. 

Prep the Motorcycle

If you don’t use a windscreen during the summer, that’s fine. In the winter, though, you’re going to want to keep as much wind off your face as possible. With this in mind, you’ll want to invest in a durable windshield that comes up high enough to keep your whole body protected from the wind. It won’t cover the wind from your hands, but you’ll be wearing gloves to keep them warm. You might even want to consider investing in heated grips.

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