If A Strong Storm Damages My Roof am I Covered?

The agents of Parker Preferred Insurance understand their client’s concerns when they are faced with roof damage from strong storms. Residents of McKinney, TX must deal with a variety of storms, including tornadoes and hurricanes. When these strong storms pass through the area, residents want to make sure they are fully covered if any type of storm damage occurs.

Your Homeowners’ Insurance Policy

Most homeowners’ insurance policies will cover storm damage to your home’s roof.  The extent of the damage will have to be assessed as well as the condition of the roof at the time of the storm. With these factors in mind, your agent will determine the value of your loss. You will also need to request estimates from contractors to determine the cost of making the necessary repairs.

Strong Winds, Hail, and Rain

A roof that is in good condition will be able to withstand strong winds, hail, and rain to an extent. When strong winds propel debris onto your roof, however, its condition may not play a role as to how well your roof can protect your home.  Damage from tree limbs and other types of flying debris can be severe and often cause damage inside your home as well. 

In McKinney, TX, if you have experienced any type of roof damage due to a strong storm, hail, or rain, call your agent at Parker Preferred Insurance as soon as possible. They can evaluate the damage and assist you in taking the next steps. Don’t delay! This type of damage can get worse if not corrected. Your insurance agent can help you figure things out.