Auto Insurance Add-Ons: Is Your Texas Car Insurance Accident Ready?

When someone has been in a car accident, a number of things go through their mind that causes instant stress and worry. Among them are the worries of car insurance rates hiking as a result of the accident, or not having enough coverage in the event of an accident. At Parker Preferred Insurance serving McKinney, TX, we don’t want you worrying about that when you are in a car accident. Here are some very affordable add-ons for your Texas car insurance policy that will ease some of those concerns.

Accident Forgiveness

Accident forgiveness or claim forgiveness is a common add-on for car insurance in Texas. If you have it, you don’t have to worry about your insurance rates increasing after an accident or claim. 

If you get into an accident, your insurance rating might go down and this will impact the cost of your car insurance in the future. Adding this to your policy "forgives" that in your insurance record for your first at-fault accident, so you won’t see your rates go up.

Minor Conviction Protection

This protection works very similarly to accident forgiveness but instead focuses on minor moving violations that will impact your insurance score. If you get a ticket for speeding, not signaling or turning properly, or have another problem on the road, you may be able to get minor conviction protection. 

This coverage will prevent your rates from going up after your first violation.

Loss of Use

In this add-on, you have coverage if your car is stolen or written off after an accident. You may also get coverage for rentals or additional transportation until your car is replaced or repaired.

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