How Does Renters’ Insurance Work?

When you are renting your home, no matter what type of rental it is, you need a renters’ insurance policy to provide you with a number of different coverage types. If you need renters insurance, please contact us at Parker Preferred Insurance in McKinney, TX.

Protection for Your Belongings

One of the main reasons why so many renters get renters’ insurance is that it gives them protection for their belongings. If there were a major incident or catastrophe that ruined or destroyed their personal possessions, those would be covered under the policy. It’s a good idea to have some photos or video of your possessions so that you can prove what you owned if the worst should happen and they should be destroyed.

Protection From Liability

If you were to have a third-party into your rental, and that party should have an accident, an illness or another incident that happened to them, you could be found liable for their medical bills. Renters’ insurance pays for those medical bills as a part of your liability coverage. This is important coverage for protecting your financial future against this type of liability. Medical bills can be high, so having this coverage is a must in today’s world. 

A Habitable Home

If a major incident or catastrophe should make your rental uninhabitable, your renters’ insurance policy will pay for you to live somewhere else for the duration. You won’t have to try to stay in a home that is unlivable or to pay out of pocket for an immediate move to somewhere else. All of this will be taken care of for you. 

Get Your Renters’ Coverage

If you need renters’ insurance for your rental, contact us at Parker Preferred Insurance in McKinney, TX now to talk about your renters’ insurance needs.