5 Tips for Storing an RV During Winter

If you don’t plan to use your RV this winter, now’s a good time to start preparing it for storage before cold winter weather sets in. Here are a few tips to ensure your vehicle is stored safe and sound during the cold winter months in McKinney, TX and the DFW area.

  1. If you don’t have room on your property, choose a safe, secure facility to store your RV for the winter season. Make sure your vehicle fits well in the location you’ve chosen before signing off on a rental agreement.
  2. Update your RV registration, license plates, and insurance coverage, if necessary, before taking your RV to a facility for storage. At Parker Preferred Insurance, we can help you adapt your insurance coverage to protect your camper while in storage.
  3. Test drive your RV before taking it in for storage to make sure it’s driving well. If you hear strange noises or notice problems, take it in for a checkup and have any necessary repairs done. Have the oil and oil filter changed, as well, if you haven’t done so in a while. Doing repairs before storing will ensure your RV is in top shape for your next road trip in the spring.
  4. Inspect your RV inside and out and make any repairs to windows, awnings, furniture, etc. Thoroughly clean the interior, removing all food and defrosting the fridge. Leave fridge door open to prevent musty smells. Close windows and blinds to keep the sun from fading carpets and fabrics. Disconnect AC connects and clean air filters.
  5. Cover your vehicle with a protective tarp to keep it safe from the elements during the cold winter months.

For quality RV insurance coverage that can protect your valuable investment all year round, contact an agent from Parker Preferred Insurance in McKinney, TX.