Condo Insurance When You Own Pets

Condos are a big deal in much of McKinney, TX, particularly for those who own pets. However, a condo is a small area for a dog or a cat and may cause issues that affect your condo insurance. These problems worry us at Parker Preferred Insurance, which is why we provided you with this guide through them.

Dog Damage is Not Covered

If your dog or cat causes damage to your condo, you shouldn’t expect your policy to repair this damage for you. Simply put, pet damage is considered an accepted risk that you take when you buy an animal. As a result, your insurance will deny you this coverage. By contrast, dog damage to other people’s property may be covered if you have the proper personal property damage coverage.

Pet Bites are Covered

The small nature of most condos means that your dog may be exposed to many people every day. And while friendly dogs shouldn’t run into any problems with biting, your dog may still bite somebody. When this happens, your liability insurance will cover medical bills and punitive costs that occur after your dog injuries somebody. About 15 percent of all condo claims are of this type. 

Umbrella Policies Help 

If your pet causes a severe problem – such as a severe injury to another person – and your standard condo policy maxes out, you’ll need to pay for the rest of the costs out of your pocket. However, if you add an umbrella policy to your regular plan, you can avoid this problem by expanding the range of your coverage and ensuring that everything gets paid. 

Finding a Great Policy Option 

So if you own a condo in McKinney, TX and have a pet as well, you should contact us at Parker Preferred Insurance to learn more. Our experts will work hard to find a policy option that works for you and which will protect your condo and your pocketbook at the same time.