Condo Insurance

Just like owning a condo is not the same as owning a house, insuring your condo will have other unexpected variables. Your Texas condo association will likely already cover certain aspects of the building but it may still be a good idea to purchase your own insurance package. If you need help shopping around for competitive rates, you may seek assistance from Parker Preferred Insurance in McKinney, TX.

Your Personal Property

Your personal possessions are covered to a certain extent in most policy plans. This can include computers, jewelry, expensive clothing items, or furniture. Since condo associations rarely cover this, this is a prime reason to get your own plan.

Covering Liability

If someone gets injured in your condo and holds you liable, this is where a policy with liability coverage comes in handy. Legal costs and medical bills may both be covered under your insurance policy. Of course, every insurance policy will have certain limits and circumstances that need to be carefully examined.

The Inside of Your Condo

In general, the condo association will cover many aspects on the outside and common areas of the building. If superficial damage occurs on the inside of your room, you are responsible for your own coverage. Built-in cabinets, walls, and other fixtures may be included in your insurance policy. Such damage may occur through various means so you must check with your insurance policy to see which types of damage are not covered.

It is always a smart idea to learn the details of what your Texas condo association covers since there is always a great deal of variance. You are likely able to negotiate for cheaper insurance policies that cover only what you need to fill in the gaps of where your association does not have responsibility.

To get the proper insurance policy in your local area, try consulting with Parker Preferred Insurance in McKinney, TX. Our agents are ready to work with you on acquiring a condo insurance policy that meets your needs.

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