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Umbrella Insurance in Texas

Umbrella insurance may seem like quite a vague term for those that are inexperienced within the insurance industry. Unlike what the name implies, it has nothing to do with rain or umbrellas. Instead, it is a type of plan that is designed to fill the gaps that home or auto insurance does not fully cover. You may find an amazing deal on Texas umbrella insurance by consulting with Parker Preferred Insurance in McKinney, TX.

The effects of umbrella insurance can be wide and varied. From a legal perspective, umbrella insurance can protect your personal assets from being targeted in a legal battle. It can also be used as a form of excess coverage to extend the financial limits of current insurance policies.

In general, umbrella insurance is offered to preferred customers that hold multiple insurance policies or a lot of assets with a company. Companies may also require that the client has a minimum coverage amount for certain policies that extend beyond the norm, meaning that they likely prefer those with a higher net worth.

How much umbrella insurance should I get?

The amount of umbrella insurance that you have should depend on your net worth and how much of it you are willing to cover. A high-net-worth individual with $10 million in assets can quite possibly cover everything with the right company. Realistically, you may assess what should logically be covered and get a plan that covers what you really need.

If you feel that your insurance plans are not adequate for your current lifestyle and assets, umbrella insurance is likely what you need. Of course, you must assess the cost increase and your net worth to see if it is logically worth it. To consult with a Texas umbrella insurance provider to see if a policy is available for you, contact Parker Preferred Insurance in the McKinney, TX area.

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