Required Auto Insurance in Texas

Texas Insurance 

Auto insurance is a must for anyone who drives in Texas. This insurance offers a number of different types of protection in case of accidents. If you need auto insurance, call us at Parker Preferred Insurance in McKinney, TX. 

Financial Responsibility

The law in Texas states that you have to be able to demonstrate that you can pay for any accidents that you cause. The most common way to do this is to buy auto liability insurance for the vehicle. This type of auto insurance pays for damage done to someone else’s car or property that you damage. It also pays for the other party’s medical bills if you are found to be at fault for it. However, the mandatory minimums required are often too low to pay for serious accidents and injuries. That’s why many people get a policy for more liability coverage to protect their financial futures.

Recommended Insurance Types

There are several types of auto insurance that are not required in Texas but are still a must to keep yourself and your vehicle covered. Comprehensive coverage pays for mishaps and catastrophes that can damage your car and that are not vehicle accidents. Collision insurance is a type that will pay for repairing or replacing your own vehicle after it has been damaged in an accident. Medical payments coverage is a type that pays the medical bills of both you and your passengers after an accident. It also protects you if you are hurt while riding in another person’s car or when you are hurt when biking or walking.

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